School libraries serve as learner-oriented laboratories which support, extend, and individualize the school’s curriculum. A school library serves as the center and coordinating agency for all material used in the school. A well-stocked computerized library with more than 4500 books and a number of newspapers, journals and magazines provides ample opportunities to the students to explore the unending magic of the printed world.


A well equipped Computer lab with 50 computers form an integral part of learning. Children visit the computer Science lab for their practical classes on a regular basis, execute projects, prepare quality display materials, etc.


The theoretical class is ably supported by practical classes at the mathematics lab on a regular basis. The hardship of puzzling calculations is made easier through the resources available in the Mathematics lab.


The integrated Science lab is yet another knowledge centre for the students. Periodical visits to the laboratory are done to conduct experiments and further research on the science-based topics


Emotional Quotient is considered more important than Intelligence Quotient in this modern era. A good personality can emerge only from a stress- free mind. To keep our students physically and mentally healthy, we provide them personalized counseling. Students are exposed to periodical counseling by an expert psychologist.


In order to impart standard- based and outcome-based education and to gain a hands – on experience, the school has introduced Digital Teaching through Multimedia.

The class rooms are equipped with Smart Class Boards which support all topics in the curriculum giving them a visual and multisensorial experience that makes learning permanent and clear.


School app will be provided to all the parents to get all the day to day updates regarding their ward’s homework, academics records, exam schedule, leave schedule, fee details etc.,


To cater to the needs of the residents of Ambasamudram the school has provided bus transport facility. The Transport facility currently includes 22 buses that are equipped with a Vehicle Tracking System (VTS), GPS and cameras. This allows the School to monitor speed and location of the route. By GPS Parent can track the location of the bus in their mobile phones .This effectively ensures the safety and security of scholars on board.