The Vidhyalaya follows CBSE syllabus from grade I.

For kindergarten classes Glenn Doman and Montessori methodologies are followed.

  • Fun with nature classes for kindergarten.

Children are encouraged to learn in the natural environment which instills in their mind a love for nature and an urge to preserve nature.

  • LSRW classes for pre-primary and primary level.

The communication skill of the children is created and groomed by the regular conduct of LSRW classes.

  • Phase learning from primary level.

The individual difference in the learning capacity of the children is respected and given due care. Each and every child is allowed to get mastery over the concepts in their own pace by administering individualized learning frames.

  • Modular approach for teaching concepts.

To ensure better and complete understanding of the topics and to achieve the highest and deep level of learning objectives each subject is divided into e modules and taught in the classroom which ensures longer retention period.

  • General ability classes from middle school level.

The vidhyalaya believes in equipping the students to face any competitive examination with confidence and competence which is possible only with the well informed mind and alertness groomed. Hence it offers a specially designed grade relevant curriculum of social science blended with science, mathematics, English, logical ability, soft skills and current affairs.

  • SEN Centre (Special Education Centre)

Children with learning disabilities and those who need remedial teaching are taken care by this centre till they perform well. A full time qualified teacher takes care of the students at this centre.

  • Wellness centre

hvuycuThe vidhyalaya has a medical care centre with a qualified nurse working full time to monitor the health and physical wellbeing of the children. A registered medical practitioner visits the hospital every day. It maintains a clean, organized and healthy environment throughout the school campus to achieve preventive, curative and other self care strategies; anthropometric measures are routinely carried out.

  • School counselor

A qualified and well experienced psychologist carries out the regular counseling sessions for students to train them improve their interpersonal relationship and help them overcome any emotional difficulties they come across .They get motivation to achieve their goals.

Eco club, Art club, Dance club, Adventure club, Quiz club, Know your people club, Science club, Literary Association, Mathematics club, Sports club add  healthy competitive atmosphere and vigor among the children  and joyful learning environment in the school.