Vels vidhyalaya at Palayamkottai is a student’s choice because……

Our academic principles!

  • It is situated in a tranquil and pollution free environment within the city limits of Palayamkottai. The school follows CBSE curriculum; conceptualization and making repository of content base and application of the acquired knowledge, analysis and constructive criticism promoting creativity and innovation is the academic principles followed in the institution.

Our vision is farsighted!

  • The Vidhyalaya is guided by its farsighted vision and leads the students in the right path to hold the mantle of leadership and commitment to realize, fulfill their responsibilities towards the families, community and the society they are living in.

Our faculties are Guardian Angels and Change Agents!

  • Children in this school achieve their academic excellence through the Aristocracy of service offered by the great and committed faculties who are not mere teachers but the role models, guides and guardian angels of the children and the change agents of the society.

Our soul aim is to build up character, preparedness for future and we are in the making of ‘Great Human Beings’!

The school functions with a soul aim of building up character of the children and best prepared for future. Students who enrolled in Vels are the ‘Great Human Beings’ in the making and are able to realize their roles and responsibilities towards leading a meaningful life by putting in to practice the goal of all round education they receive here for themselves as well as for others with a resolve and self realization “I am the master of my fate and I’m the captain of my soul” and “I’ll serve the humanity and brotherhood”.